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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTIETH TALK            4o3

fact that, if there be those who do not wish to share
in that spiritual outpouring or who think that they
can receive ^n outpouring more suited to themselves
in some other way, they are perfectly at liberty to do
so, but at the same time it would be selfish of them to
the last degree that they should try to prevent that
outpouring from being available for those to whom it
is a benefit. All that we need, in all these things, is
sufficient toleration and gentleness ; we should simply
let each man go his own way; let each man take the
road which is for him the easiest road. It is the
greatest mistake ever to try to force other people to
take our road or to cavil at them for going their own
way. Let every man (as the Apostle Paul said) be
fully persuaded in his own mind, and then let him go
on. Why should others be worried as to his path ?
There has always been very strongly that feeling
between the Catholic and the Protestant.   Each
thinks that he holds the only way which is right and
that the other is hopelessly wrong. That is childish
to the last degree. There are many paths, and each
man would do well to take that which is most suited
to him. But, to make this possible, you need toler-
ance ; and this a Theosophist should have but
unfortunately has not always. You take your path,
whatever it may be. No one wants to interfere with
you, but at least that carries with it a corollary
that you should not try to interfere with anyone